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The Center will also have an innovation lab where youth, private sector, civil society and other interested parties will join efforts to shape new and innovative ideas that will contribute to the better management of migration. Innovation lab will bring together migration experts from different countries and sectors to open up new perspectives and foster the co-creation of ideas and innovative methods of migration that benefit all members of society.

The lab will facilitate application of innovative solutions for the purpose of empowering youth and unlocking their potential to respond to the challenges and opportunities of migration. This will be enabled through establishment of effective coordination and realization of stimulating activities (different types of grant based competitions, initiatives). This activity will cover the creation of accelerators that will use the methods of agile start-ups with the aim of developing new ideas that can complement and amend existing legislation, practice, theory, methodology, etc., as well as make innovations in general. It can be proposals on digital transformation, implementation of new projects, finding new donors and other.