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Modern realities have created new challenges in the field of migration, and in this situation, establishing effective migration management, as well as creating an appropriate regulatory framework is of particular importance for all governments, private sector, NGOs, academia, media etc. Furthermore, the situation resulting from the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic once again stressed the importance of joint cooperation in managing migration in times of crisis. As a logical conclusion, dimension and complexity of migration processes in recent years created necessity for strengthening of partnership, as well as implementation of additional measures for training and development of specialists in the field of migration, as well build capacities and knowledge around migration.

However, limited number of specialized educational and training platforms in the field of migration, subsequently limited number of migration experts and access to special educational curriculum and academic research on migration in our region creates new challenges for the relevant institutions responsible for migration issues. Therefore, SMS and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in the Republic of Azerbaijan with the financial assistance of the IOM Development Fund initiated a project “Supporting the Establishment of a Regional Training Centre on Migration in Azerbaijan” (hereinafter “the Project”) with the aim of expanding and supporting training and capacity building activities in the field of migration at the regional level. The abovementioned project, aims to create an effective tool in terms of strengthening educational and training capacities in the field of migration within the region and beyond, has been implemented since November 2020 and envisages the launch of the Regional Training Center on Migration (RTCM) within the framework of effective cooperation and assistance provided by the IOM and IDF, with support of the Government of Azerbaijan, as well as other countries of the region and donors which are envisaged to participate.

RTCM will contribute to capacity building of migration agencies in the countries of the region and beyond, as well as become a platform for training representatives of stakeholders in the field of migration, strengthen cooperation through the establishment of a pool of specialists and raise awareness related with various aspects of migration. RTCM is planned to be a training institution and knowledge hub for different stakeholders, which will prepare highly qualified specialists in the field of migration based on a modern training methods and modules.

RTCM is expected to serve neighboring countries, as well as countries from Central Asia, Middle East and Eastern Partnership, and beyond.

The historic and cultural ties between the countries invited to participate in the Project, as well as the dynamics of migration ensure that these processes are improved in accordance with the interests of these countries and on the basis of advanced methods. In this regard, the Center can contribute to the promotion of orderly and legal migration between these countries and its use as an element of development through the sharing of best practices, as well as the promotion of cooperation in various formats.