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What is Pool of Trainers?

The Network of Experts (NoE) of the Regional Training Center on Migration (RTCM) is a group of trainers, professionals, specialized advisors and experts from around the world specialized in various aspects of migration area, who provide trainings in RTCM, as well as consultations, surveys, professional knowledge on current migration issues and trends.

NoE including, but not limited to migration officers, migration practitioners, lawyers, academics, selected with the close involvement of international partners and Partnering States . Participants who successfully complete the ToT organized at the RTCM will also join the NoE to support future capacity building initiatives.

The Network of Experts is managed by RTCM. NoE is gender balanced, with equal representation of men and women. Membership in the Network is not limited by time or number of participants.

Membership is free.



We use Pool of Trainers when it is necessary to conduct online, face to face, e-trainings, as well as ToT in RTCM, conduct research, give new ideas, share experience and knowledge on migration sphere, make suggestions for improving the activity of RTCM, and grow other experts for RTCM, etc.

Each Network expert is specialized at least of least one RTCM training module. Experts can have their own blogs where they post videos, presentations, literature on various topics.

The continued presence of NoE is a prerequisite for providing training opportunities at RTCM.


How it works:

Experts are accepted into the Network by the leadership of the RTCM and create their own cabinet on the web-site of RTCM. Each Partnering States or international partners can propose an expert to join NoE, or an expert can join the Network at his own request.

Experts receive e-mail invitations to suitable trainings and other projects. Experts can accept or reject those proposals. Furthermore, they can provide their own ideas and proposals by e-mail or phone of RTCM.

Representatives of Partnering States can contact experts for research or other matters. NoE will help answer complex questions that require specialized knowledge on migration.


Internal and External communication

Experts of the Network shall cooperate through internal and external communication within RTCM.

The internal communication.

The experts will be able to exchange experience, knowledge, opinions, views, researches, as well as providing valuable information, data or assistance with each other via Experts Blog.

The Network’s members meet during the Steering Meeting, which is held periodically. During this meeting, they share their views, opinions and experiences on various aspects in the field of migration, make suggestions for future trainings and improvement of the Network, as well as RTCM.

The external communication.

External partnership will be built on the relationship between the Network and the government authorities of the Partnering States, international organizations, NGOs, civil societies and others via meetings, conferences and other events initiated by partners.



  • Conducting trainings at the Center
  • Giving consultations on various aspects of migration
  • Participation in research projects
  • Providing new ideas
  • Participation in events on migration issues
  • Writing publications, articles and blog posts, recording video tutorials
  • Communication with all who associated with migration policy and much more.

Reasons to join the network

  • Receive financial contribution;
  • Expand your experience;
  • Be heard on migration issues;
  • Create network, etc.


Payment depends on the event/research/idea.