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{mlang en}IOM Azerbaijan and State Migration Service successfully completed 2-day roll-out session under the RTCM {mlang}{mlang ru}{mlang}{mlang az}DMX Miqrasiya üzrə Regional Təlim Mərkəzi çərçivəsində milli təlimə başlanılıb{mlang}

IOM Azerbaijan and State Migration Service successfully completed 2-day roll-out session under the RTCM

On 29-30 September 2022, IOM Azerbaijan and the State Migration Service (SMS) organized a 2-day roll-out session within the Regional Training Center on Migration project (RTCM). The purpose of the roll-out session is to pass the knowledge acquired during a 5-day ToT in Baku held on 25-29 July 2022, to junior migration officials, migration school participants, and volunteers in the migration field. The roll-out session was provided by the 6 trainers from SMS based on the RTCM curriculum developed by IOM international consultant.

In his opening remarks of the session, Vladimir Gjorgjiev, Chief of Mission for IOM Azerbaijan highlighted the importance of the training which provides an opportunity for participants to increase their knowledge and skills in the field of migration and their awareness of migration management.

Emphasizing the effectiveness of organizing trainings at the regional level within the framework of the center, Mr. Gjorgjiev said that these events contributed to the expansion of cooperation among regional partner countries.

Speaking at the opening session, the Chief of the State Migration Service, Vusal Huseynov emphasized the importance of the training and said that similar events are planned to be held in Turkey and Uzbekistan in the near future.

Stating that trainers of the current roll-out session are service employees who successfully completed the national trainings organized for the representatives of 11 countries on July 25-29 in Baku, Huseynov said that special training programs aimed at young people, students, and volunteers are planned in the future.

During the roll-out session, participants broadened their knowledge on the scale, nature, and phase of international migration, the law of international migration, the content of international protection, the main components of GCM, readmission, and countering migrant smuggling.

At the end of the roll-up session, participants were awarded certificates.

The "Supporting the establishment of a Regional Training center on Migration Management in Azerbaijan" project funded by the IOM Development Fund within which the roll-out session was conducted aims to enhance regional training capacities and cooperation on migration management in Azerbaijan, the region, CIS countries, and beyond via the Regional Training Centre on Migration that will serve as a hub for knowledge sharing, research, and policy dialogue with governments and a broad range of stakeholders in the field of migration in the region.

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