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{mlang en}Türkiye hosted a 2-day roll-out session dedicated to migration {mlang}{mlang ru}{mlang}{mlang az}Türkiyədə miqrasiya mövzusunda 2 günlük təlim sessiyası keçirilib{mlang}

Türkiye hosted a 2-day roll-out session dedicated to migration

On 13-14 October 2022 in Ankara, Türkiye, International Organization for Migration (IOM) mission in Turkiye and in Azerbaijan jointly have organized a 2-day roll-out session dedicated to migration management. The event was held within the Regional Training Center on Migration project (RTCM) funded by the IOM Development Fund. The project aims at enhancing regional training capacities and cooperation on migration management and sharing best practices and good examples in the area of migration management to ensure safe migration.

The roll-out session for the representatives of relevant government agencies kicked-off with the introductory speech on the future vision of the RTCM project, delivered by Ms. Matanat Gahramanova, IOM Azerbaijan project coordinator, and followed by a presentation on the RTCM curriculum by Ms. Isabelle Astor, IOM consultant.

In course of the event, Ms. Yelda Devlet Karapinar, Head of Labour Migration and Human Development Unit at IOM Türkiye, made a speech on the introduction of international migration.

RTCM trainer Mr. Ali Can Sarica delivered presentations on the importance of combating and preventing illegal migration, international and regional law and policy frames on migration, international and regional partnership on preventing and combating illegal migration, and the best practices in this field.

During her presentation, Ms. Serra Albayrakoglu informed participants about procedural guarantees and identification of vulnerable persons during the migration process as well as guiding the persons who need to apply for international protection.

The rollout session participants listened to a speech made by the representative of the Presidency of Migration Management of Türkiye Mr. Hünkar Burkan İbin, on Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) and sustainable reintegration.

Ms. Ekin Sevil Gürünlü, a representative of the Presidency of Migration Management of Türkiye, informed roll-out session participants about the anti-smuggling and protection of victims of human trafficking as well as the role of the Presidency of Migration Management of Türkiye in combating human trafficking.

Moreover, the participants became acquainted with the presentation on “Soft Training skills. Components of a TOT System and Role of a TOT Trainer” by IOM consultant Ms. Isabelle Astor.

Prior to this session, IOM Azerbaijan organized 2-day roll-out sessions in Baku, Azerbaijan, and Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

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